Sunday, 17 March 2013

So it's been a busy week....

As most of the eve-verse now knows Kelduum Revaan, stepped down from his role of heading the Ivy League after 3 years so he can start playing some Eve again.

So where does leave leave DUST University?

Well, with me in charge of course.

I'd known for a about a week that Kelduum was stepping down and he'd appointed me as his successor. So some things had to be done.

Our forums are more tidy with less glue. I've made a start on creating a dedicated and departmentalised management team to run a 650 Merc corporation. And I've been thinking about the longer term plans of DUST University and how this weeks Planetary Conquest is going to play into that.

On the whole I think that its going to be a great new feature of the game. Like a game of Slay or Risk wrote large with even larger guns. The placement of the 250 districts is going to be a crucial matter. I mean some of us corps are rather big, we'd like a bit more room than most and D-UNI would like to own some real estate.

After all, what's the good of a University if it doesn't have a Campus?

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