Saturday, 25 January 2014

CPM Election Fever.

So election fever is upon us in New Eden thanks to CCP Saberwing firing the starting pistol a little early perhaps...

The Council Chamber is now full of candidate threads from the full spectrum of players in Dust. From the established big hitters to the smaller guys whose opinions are just as valid. I look forward to the inaugural CPM elections for many reasons.

First of all, because all the rumours are saying that it will be STV, single transferable vote. For a community as varied as Dust's but limited in number, its essential that such a system is in place to avoid the bigger Corps and Alliances filling the positions on the council. Secondly because there has been a perception, incorrect in my view, that the current CPM have no mandate purely because CCP chose them.

While its true that the players had no real say in the matter, the fact that they had benefited from the work and meta content that the CPM members had and still produce for the game, did give them a mandate by implied consensus. 

And part of the work of CPM0 was to create the white paper and processes that the future CPM's would need to do their job in the future. With the gun being fired we can safely assume that they've succeeded in that role and the community team, headed by Saberwing can proceed with the elections proper.

And it's important that this CPM do have a direct mandate from the players. Current CPM member Jenza posted an open letter, stating that CPM1 would have a much harder time than they did. Completly understandable considering.

It's beginning to come clearer now as to to the direction that the new EP CCP Rouge is wanting to take Dust and he's not afraid to ruffle a few feathers to do it. The frankly over the top reactions to the equipment and suit changes is indicative of the job that the new CPM members will have on their hands.

For the record, I have little sympathy for those that specced into FOTM in pursuit of KDR, a measure of excellence that for me is on par with middle aged men buying Ferrari to compensate for inadequacies elsewhere.

1.8 it would seem to me is the where the game that should've launched on May 14 last will finally be available for us to play. With a quick hotfix for problems found in 1.9, I'm confident that Fanfest 2014 will be the introduction of 2.0, a build of the game that demonstrates Rouge's vision of the game and how it grow from there. 

Whatever format it's on...

As to my CPM candidacy. I still intent to stand but I feel it rather jumping the gun to post a manifesto or announcement thread till finalised details are released by CCP. I'm old fashioned like that. Plus I don't want to bore people with a protracted campaign. That allows cynicism to creep in with the electorate and I want the community to be as engaged as possible without that. 

But I think with what I've spoken about before in the threads and with the Dev's themselves over the last two Fanfest's should give you some clues as to what I'd hope to promote within the CPM. 

An expansion of the New Player Experience to make it easier and more enjoyable for the new player to get to terms with the complexities of the game.

Helping to promote the growth of the games playerbase using the expanded NPE, an enhanced and valid Eve/Dust link and introduction of a form of PvE.

Working to ensure the continued expansion of the game onto new formats and the value that can be goined from that.

Engaging with the CSM and Eve playerbase to show them the potential value to them of the Eve/Dust link.

Pushing toward the ultimate goal of making the UI for Dust more robust and better suited for the running and expansion of Corps and Aliiances on the Dust side of New Eden, free from the requirement to use the Eve client.

There are a few other details that I want to speak on but for now that should give you some clue as to how I stand on various issues. 

So hopefully you agree with me on a lot of that and think my current work in DUST University have contributed to the community and its growth. 

Thanks for reading.


  1. I have the utmost confidence that CCP Rouge and the yet to be elected CPM1 will do a fine job in making Dust reach its potental. My only concern is with the EVE player-base. If we keep going down the road we are on now, I can see the Immortal Mercenaries and their corps becoming second class citizens in New Eden. While full intergration of the two games is the holy grail at the moment, from the things presented by CCP at EVE Vegas it looks like Eggers will run the show. Their needs to be a way for small- medium sized corps to be involved without the need for EVE pilots. We need more industry, ways for corps to make isk that don't involve pew-pew. We are on the planets, why the hell don't we fully control the mining and processing of manufactured goods. There are thousands of uninhabitable planets for the Capsuleers to fight over and strip mine.

    This rant was not a "God damm eggers" tyraid. Through Dust I have met and befriended many an EVE player(one that I worked with for 2 years)over the last year. I understand their concerns and misgivings. But I firmly believe the CPM's job needs to be to put Dust before EVE and really impose(yes, I mean it) the will of the playerbase to the devs. At this stage of devlopment, we cannot afford a group of CCP fanboy yesmen. We don't need a mice, we need lions.

    Anyway, I really enjoy your blog, and look forward to hearing your full platform when you are ready.

  2. Perfectly understand your concerns about the second class nature of Dust Bunnies.

    However, I believe that come the moment of Jump Gates being produced in Eve by players will be the moment that the Dusties will hold the power. Space Elevators are already an establised long term feature that CCP want to bring in and it goes without reason that the bases of those structures are on the planets which we control. And it's not unreasonable to deduce that the raw materials for those jump gates can only be accessed by them.

    But that's for the future. I believe that with my experiance and contacts within EVE that I can help foster an understanding between the two communities that will bring benefits to nove.