Thursday, 20 December 2012

Chromosome: When being a logi was worth something and Dust began to settle

As we know, this week saw the the latest and final build of Dust 514 before it goes to open beta.

It marks a significant step up in the evolution of Dust, in so much as the Fanfest 2012 presentation 'Roles on the Battlefield' has now become reality. For the first time since the beta began, logistics has now become a desirable role to play with the kudos and the rewards now given to it by the game mechanic itself rather than just a way to WP boost.

Balancing has now come to several of the weapon platforms, most notably the Assault Rifle which now has the Iron Sights except for the Burst variants which retain the red dot sight but regain the minimal kickback they used to have making them a potent force on the field once again. It also means that AR's once again require skill to use well.

The final patch notes for Chromosome are the longest yet for the beta and there is nothing that hasn't been tightened up or balanced, much as Eve has with the Retribution expansion.

Corp management is still lacking but this build also puts down the foundations for Eve players to start bombing Dust Bunnies on the Sisi test server.

But that comes with the next build and I can't wait

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