Friday, 7 December 2012

So why 'Kevall's Uni Dust Bunnies'?

Simple answer.

I coughed up the ISK in game to create the corporation, I'll call it what I want.

Now the not so simple answer.

Dust University (D-UNI) already exists in the game that is Eve. A member of the Ivy League (IVY) since 21/02/2011 it's been waiting, prepared but dormant, till such time as it was needed. That time is coming soon(tm).

However, the corp features in Dust at the moment are minimal to say the least and actions taken within the Sisi test server don't follow through as yet between Dust and Eve. You can't give roles to player in a corp recruited via Dust using the corp tools in Eve for example. Major PITA.

So in order for me to use what function I can glean from the Dust and Eve link on Sisi I created a temporary corporation (KUDB) so I could keep tabs on membership numbers, login activity that sort of thing. And with no API tools for Dust yet, I'm doing it all with pen and paper.

Which is just as well as my computing skills suck harder than a Dyson.

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