Friday, 14 December 2012

The CSM is talking and talking...

So as every Dust Bunnie knows about NDA's it seems pointless to complain about the one that holds the CSM7 in its grip...

Except in the case of Dust 514.

Yes, I know it's I beta, yes I know there are elements that may be commercially sensitive because of the other games coming up that are entering the same space... But Dust should now be in open beta because of that very reason. Dust is looking like its already behind when it had a head start. The deliberate, methodical development cycle that Eve players are used to isn't going to cut it in the fast paced world of FPS.

Eve players interested in Dust will hang around to see it grow into the awesomeness we know it will turn into. Eventually.

Console FPS players won't. I'm a ten year veteran of Xbox Live. I was in the UK beta when most hadn't even heard of it. So I like to think I know something if the FPS player mindset and if CCP haven't realised it by now, I'll spell it out for you. Most console FPS players, be it Halo, Call of Duty, Battlefield, Killzone etc, etc, have the attention span of a ADD sufferer on a sugar rush. They like the shiny and are easily distracted by new stuff. So come on CCP, this is isn't normal console development.. Your linking a new game into an established MMOG using beta players from that same 10 year old game. This is so far removed from a normal console game development that if you think it is after 4 years, then Dust will get into trouble. Very quick.

That being said however and because I like the shiny too check out this vid and ponder, when do we get to play this build?

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